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2 weeks before exam..yet, the mood still in stagnant mode..=| motionless while the storm, tornado, armageddon and et cetera are just around the corner to strike the earth.. um, just got the exam schedule after one month published. 'Thanks' to the one who 'keep' it nicely..=.="

12 April 2010

GROSS Anatomy 9am-12pm
Behavioural Science 3pm-4pm

13 April 2010
Histology and Embryology 9am-11am
OSPE Anatomy 2pm-5pm

15 April 2010
Biochemistry MEQ 9am-11am
Biochemistry MCQ 2pm-5pm

16 April 2010
English Language

19 April 2010
Hafazan (tahriri) 2pm-5pm

20 April 2010
Arabic Language 2pm-5pm

21 April 2010
Physiology OSPE+MCQ 9am-10.50am
Physiology MEQ 3pm-5pm

The Owner of This Blog a.k.a Your Future Doctor is concentrating+focusing+striving+struggling for the incoming exam. Sorry for everything and daa~ wish me luck ok!~ XD

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  1. Kesatuan Pelajar Islam Johor April 7, 2010 at 9:25 PM
    gud luck for your exam..
  2. miss mumun April 9, 2010 at 4:09 AM
    gud Luck yer dik

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